This blog shows the work I have created using computer graphics. It encompasses 3D modeling, animations, simulations, 3D renders and other CGI creations.

The Halo Effect

After dabbling around with post rendering effects, I decided to upload a modified render from my previous blog post. This image has a Gaussian and vector blur added after the picture was created. The Gaussian effect was applied evenly in both X and Y directions followed by a slight vector blur on top. This gives the image a cool halo effect, which I may use again in a future animation using multidimensional arrays.

Halo Effect

Spherical Patterns

Here are three renders I have created from the animation uploaded in the previous post. I have moved the camera slightly and readjusted the lighting to give it a better appearance. For these still shots I disabled the motion blur as the effect did not suit a motionless picture. Enjoy :D

Synchronized Spheres 3
Synchronized Spheres 2
Synchronized Spheres 1

Synchronized Spheres

Since my last animation was fluid, I decided to do something completely different this time round. In this scene I have created dancing synchronized spheres making something completely random :P

I decided to use a slight motion blur in the animation to emphasize the speed the balls are moving. The animation doesn't look to great in the standard low resolution of YouTube videos, I therefore suggest you go to the YouTube page with the video on and watch it in 'High Quality'

Download High Quality Version Here

Lava Lamp Light

It's time to unveil a new render again and this time around I have created a lava lamp with the red lava floating in a clear liquid. This lamp is standing in the corner of a room casting shadows of the lava and the lamp on the wall behind it.

Lava Lamp