This blog shows the work I have created using computer graphics. It encompasses 3D modeling, animations, simulations, 3D renders and other CGI creations.

Cleared For The Win

I have finally got around to creating the glass chess set after several failed attempts due to perfecting the glass material on both opposing pieces. I have changed the cameras viewing angle from the original render to get a better perspective of the battle. This render has the king dominating the scene, just like in the previous picture.

Cleared For The Win

Your Move...

Today I present a brand new render that I have been working on. In this scene I have created a game of chess that is currently in progress. I have experimented with this picture by using some graphical techniques that I have never tried before, including depth of field on the camera view, subsurf scattering on the chess pieces creating a slightly translucent effect and composite materials on the marble chess board.

Your Move...

In an upcoming post, I will create another render of this scene using glass chess pieces.

Liquid Lizard Freeze Frame

Here are the still renders I have made from the Liquid Lizard animation shown in the previous post. As these were still renders I increased the resolution of the fluid and applied a smooth layer to improve the liquid quality.
Liquid Lizard 1
Liquid Lizard 2
Liquid Lizard 3
Liquid Lizard 4

Liquid Lizard

After several months I have finally got round to finishing this video. I turned the liquid detail up quite high, which took many gigabytes of hard disk space just to store each frame of this animation. I split the video up and rendered small sections at a time and after several weeks I have managed to finish the video and sequenced it all together.

Best watched by going to the youtube page:
and clicking "watch in HD" under the video.

Download Here

For this video I decided to take advantage of youtube's HD option, so each frame was rendered in 1280x720 resolution.

When I get some more time I will upload some still renders of the animation, but for now enjoy the video :)