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Shark in Action!

Here is the resulting animation created from the recently made ocean scene at sunset. I have made the shark fin move through the water coursing through the waves. Enjoy!

Download High Quality Version Here

I think that's enough ocean for now :P


The Blogmaster said...

Nice work. You should throw in a fish jumping. Just to add to the effect.


Beaker11dude said...

Thank you :D Good idea on the fish, I'll have to give it some thought.

Anonymous said...

Only flying fish typically jump out of the ocean, and they usually swim in large schools.

A dolphin would be more impressive, jumping out and splashing etc, but that's more sophisticated than a triangle in the water ;)

I think the position of the Sun and its effect on the scene is more realistic than your original attempts.

How about some details in the background, like a tanker or something.

Beaker11dude said...

I'll put it on my to do list.....Ell:P

Sudarma said...

nice animation.
i need to learn how to make it.

Beaker11dude said...

lol thanks, the shark fin was put there as a joke but it is one of my favorite videos so far :)