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Spherical Patterns

Here are three renders I have created from the animation uploaded in the previous post. I have moved the camera slightly and readjusted the lighting to give it a better appearance. For these still shots I disabled the motion blur as the effect did not suit a motionless picture. Enjoy :D

Synchronized Spheres 3
Synchronized Spheres 2
Synchronized Spheres 1


Lucky Girl said...

I love these! They'd make terrific posters.

Marie said...

These spherical patterns look totally amazing! It really grabbed my attention. These are wonderful works of art :)

Erica said...

These are really cool!

Linda said...

You have a great talent! you have certainly grabbed me and i find them interesting and eye catching!

John Lacey said...

Those are awesome! I really adore the third one, particularly.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said... much math is there in doing this?

Beaker11dude said...

None :D I used 2 fixed points to manipulate a multidimensional array of spheres. I moved the fixed points randomly to make patterns. The only thing i remembered was the starting positions of both fixed points, which was the single sphere at the beginning and end of the video.