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Mars Attacks....

...with a ridiculous looking alien :D
In this post I decided to start with something new. To keep up with the random genre, I think an obvious direction was aliens! :P
I plan to use this alien again in another scene, which I haven't thought of yet... but I can now after finishing this one :)



The Aries said...

Nice post
I like your Blog
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whteva said...

This alien is sooo cute man.. :D
But it looks more like a toy than an alien .. still so lovelyy .. :D
I love it :)

Beaker11dude said...

rofl, yeah I've thought that too

Anonymous said...

This li'l blue creature reminds me of Monsters Inc...:D

Beaker11dude said...

Lol, Thank you

Luanne said...

Your blog's great. Awesome creativity.