This blog shows the work I have created using computer graphics. It encompasses 3D modeling, animations, simulations, 3D renders and other CGI creations.

A Splash Of Red?

As a further attempt to make another use for the glasses I made, I decided to create a bottle alongside one and develop a fluid simulation from the scene.

Below are 3 renders in sequence across the fluid simulation showing wine being poured into the glass and overflowing.

Bottled Wine 1
Bottled Wine 2
Bottled Wine 3

A fluid simulation of this scene will be uploaded soon for all to see.

Have A Glass On Me

Here is my first attempt at creating glass. During development I decided to add stems and turn them into wine glasses. Cheers! :P
This image was not created with maximum settings to reduce rendering times.


Shark in Action!

Here is the resulting animation created from the recently made ocean scene at sunset. I have made the shark fin move through the water coursing through the waves. Enjoy!

Download High Quality Version Here

I think that's enough ocean for now :P

Shark In The Sunset

After playing around more with the ocean scene, I recoloured the sky into a sunset and moved the sun level with the water at the horizon. The lighting was also manipulated to reflect the time of day and just for fun I decided to add a shark fin to the scene :P

Sunset Ocean and Shark

Full Ocean Animation

Here is the animation / simulation I have made with the 3D Ocean. As the footage is 40 seconds long the time it took to render all the frames took longer than I thought (around 3-4 hours) but I decided to create an animation you can at least look at without it ending straight away.

Download High Quality Version Here

From Sea to Ocean

Here are the final renders of the sea I was experimenting with, as you can see it has now become a big ocean. I decided to make 2 renders of this scene for different water types.

The first render is of a deep dark blue ocean:

Deep Blue Ocean

The second render is of a more shallow lighter ocean:

Light Ocean

A 'Rough' Sea

Here is the initial stage of my attempt to create a realistic sea. This used a very rough rendering process with all fancy lighting effects and ray tracing disabled, enabling me to create the animation with little computational overhead.

More Eye Candy With A Logo

I decided to develop a logo for the blog to give my page more visual appeal. As you can see I have developed it in the same manner as all my other creations and was a learning exercise on how to manipulate models of 3D letters.

Logo for Blog

Gecko At Large!

This is the start of another project I endeavor to complete :P
The gecko is made up out of 1 extruded cube moulded into shape. A bump map is applied to the normal to give the gecko's scales depth.

3D Gecko