This blog shows the work I have created using computer graphics. It encompasses 3D modeling, animations, simulations, 3D renders and other CGI creations.

Razor Sharp

If you have not yet noticed, I have now put a download link on all of my animation posts :D
I have recently decided to upload my original animation videos onto a separate domain so anyone can now download the original higher quality versions.
To take a look at the range of animations I have created since I started this blog, click on the 'Animations' label in the right hand column.

Flapping Flag

Here is an animation I have created using cloth physics. A Union Jack is attached to a flag pole and the animation begins with the flag being hoisted up to the top. In this scene I used UV texturing on the flag so it stayed proportionally correct as the material moved around in the wind.

Download High Quality Version Here

Friday 13th

Here is a very quick render I made up in the past few hours for an infamous unlucky day, watch out! :P

Friday 13th

Pinned Down!

I have finally got round to animating the bowling ally scene I made a while back. Here I used a physics engine on the ball and pins then tweaked a couple of key frames to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Download High Quality Version Here

Video Recap

Here is a video I made on animoto to show off some of the still renders I have made so far. This video was created mostly for the visitors of my YouTube profile who may not have stumbled upon my blog yet :D

Mars Attacks....

...with a ridiculous looking alien :D
In this post I decided to start with something new. To keep up with the random genre, I think an obvious direction was aliens! :P
I plan to use this alien again in another scene, which I haven't thought of yet... but I can now after finishing this one :)