This blog shows the work I have created using computer graphics. It encompasses 3D modeling, animations, simulations, 3D renders and other CGI creations.

Bullet Through Water In Zero-G

Here is an animation of a bullet flying through water in zero gravity.
After several failed attempts and days of rendering I finally came up with a setup that produced this effective result.

The water in the animation was developed with a resolution of 250 with 2 extra subdivisions, smoothing and particles enabled.
A total of 3000 frames were rendered at 1920x1080(HD) and this took 2 weeks to generate accross 2 PC's.

The water mesh created across the 3000 frames to a total of 112GB! of hard disk space. Before I go ahead and delete this water cahce I will create some still renders with even higher material settings, which I will post as soon as they're ready. Meanwhile Enjoy!

The native resolution of this video is 1080p HD, therefore it is best viewed at this resolution on YouTube: