This blog shows the work I have created using computer graphics. It encompasses 3D modeling, animations, simulations, 3D renders and other CGI creations.

Alcohol Fountain

Well in case you didn't get what would come next, the correct answer is the champagne tower with champagne!! :P

In this scene I had to turn the fluid resolution down just to get a render in a reasonable time frame. I decided to render the scene using Yafray but this ray tracer currently does not support transparent shadows, which is kind of essential with transparent materials. It's a shame as Yafray can render fluids so much more realistically. Therefore to use this ray tracer I decided to disable the shadows on the glasses and fluid.

Champagne Foutain 2
Champagne Foutain 3

Here is a render done without Yafray. The transparent shadows are there but the fluid does not look as crisp to me.

Champagne Fountain

For the animation I have decided to stick with the Yafray version. Hopefully this animation will be posted soon :)


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