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Don't Drink Too Much....

Well you've waited long enough so here is the video of the pouring wine animation. I have slowed the speed of the liquid so the splashing can be seen more easily.

As you can see there are some bugs in the animation on a number of frames. These errors occurred during the fluid calculation. As calculating the fluid took a long time on it's current resolution, I decided to animate what I had done. If I recalculate the fluid the errors should go away but I have decided to put this scene on the shelf to carry on with further creations.

The still renders of this scene show it in a better light :)

Download High Quality Version Here

At the start of this animation it shows the fluid as a fixed shape in the bottle. I decided to leave this in the animation to show the beginning shape I made for the fluid. The shapes volume becomes the liquid demonstrating how it is created. I would normally leave the liquid to rest before starting an animation.

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