This blog shows the work I have created using computer graphics. It encompasses 3D modeling, animations, simulations, 3D renders and other CGI creations.

Champagne Glass Challenge

Here is a render I created during my attempt at a new scene, which is still to come.

I created the champagne glasses first and then decided to place them on a wooden floor. Mirror effects were then partially enabled on the material to reflect the glasses, indicating the floor is shiny. The ice background was then added to give the scene a more surreal look (well that's the 'official' reason, it was more like I could not decide what to make the background so just randomly picked a texture, lol :P ). Enjoy :D

Champagne Glasses



Ever thought about doing some animated #D stuff on a martial arts theme? I've been toying with the idea of an Aikido "basics" anuimated 3D demo (Donovan Waite in the US has already produced one, but I'd like to do something slightly different). Interested?

Theresa said...

WOW! I wish, wish, wish I have 1/100th of your talent!

Beaker11dude said...

lol Thank you :),
although this isn't my favorite render, after looking back at this picture I'm not so happy about that background.